Mould contamination of a property is a serious problem because of the potential impact on human health.

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Health problems depend on the type and amount of mould, as well as the susceptibility of the individual. Those with weakened immune systems (including the young and old) are the most at risk. The reasons why Mould is a problem is because they produce mycotoxins which can be toxic to humans and animals.

In addition, allergic reactions to mould are also common.

Mould is mainly caused by excess moisture. This moisture can be caused by unusually high humidity, condensation, as well as leaky pipes and roofs. As moisture is necessary for mould spores to grow, and so removing the excess moisture and its source will often eliminate the risk of further mould formation.

Identifying and Locating Mould

Mould can either be visible or through  an odour. Mould may be hidden in an obscure place, such as behind walls or in the ceiling space or other hidden spaces.

Swab Sampling for bacteria and fungi is used when the mould is visible and is often a useful way to isolate and identify the causes and origins of occupational health problems.

The location of a hidden mould problem can be found by air testing (spore trapping).
Mould Photo 2A sample of air is taken using a spore trapper around areas where there is the potential for mould contamination. This technique can identify whether mould is present and the type of mould, even if it is not visible (mould could be in wall cavities or other hidden areas). Dead mould can still cause allergic reactions in some people; therefore, mould must be removed, as it is not enough to simply kill the mould.

Mould Services

Precise Consulting offers a range of Mould services to ensure you get the right information to resolve the specific issues you are facing. The service lines are:

  • Mould Assessments – This service reports on the presence of mould in a property.
  • Detailed Mould Inspection – This service reports on the presence of mould, decontamination processes, recommendations of remediation as well as long & short term controls to prevent mould in the future.
  • Mould Clearance Inspection – This service should be utilised post remediation of the mould to confirm that the property is safe to reoccupy.

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