Southern District Health Board

Precise are working closely with the Southern District Health Board (SDHB) over the course of the past year. Precise tendered for, and were awarded the survey of two large clinical buildings. These tasks were completed on time and within budget.

Precise formed part of a technical advisory group, after a number of areas were identified with positive surface swab results. This group ensured that all reasonable and practical steps were taken to isolate and environmentally clean areas that had tested positive, with minimal disruption to both patients and staff. Precise were involved in dialogue with staff, the public, regulatory body (Worksafe NZ) and other stakeholders. The information provided to these groups needed to be informative, with considerations to the public perception of asbestos exposure.

Precise demonstrated in works within the Clinical Services Building that asbestos hazards can be identified, triaged and recommendations given to ensure that with all stakeholder consideration, the best outcome is achieved.

Several areas were discovered to have asbestos present, and the operational division of Precise identified a need for prompt accurate information to be provided to the SDHB. As such Precise provided a unique ability to establish an onsite field laboratory for the project that was fully IANZ accredited, this ensured that sample results were available in matter of hours instead of days.

Other work